The coexistence of biological & electronic form of life; science of seduction


বার পঠিত

[[Disclaimer: Frank speaking out of syllabus. Not necessary to take seriously if it goes wrong.]]

How do you define the timeline of human life or lifeline of entire alive particles as mathematical set of any ultra functioning carbon based molecular structures relatively defective from physical views & already gone through the violation of second law of thermodynamics. So, you can conclude this carbon as the ruler of planet amongst its any other neighbours of periodic table. But how carbon got the singular benefit of natural selection & went through critical possibilities ?of evolution that insanely ended up to the homo sapiens & answer is simply incepted into Gene. Catenation was that religion of carbon group which was admitted via chemistry to form it’s gigantic unpredictable structures which we know as species by taxonomy.

But what if the unprivileged near competitor silicon is on a deuce with carbon in this great game of survival? what if the brilliant human sapiens who didn’t have enough time to analyse themselves naturally or enough bravery to make themselves as specimen of lab experiment, couldn’t cross the curve of insanity of science they know as fiction. Rather what if they tested it on their arch enemy silicon, doped it with same phosphate group & transformed into semiconductor transistors. If the machine learning of artificial intelligence goes as fast as we see nowadays, then how to stop it to ensure our final destination of only one true rule of universe ‘survival of the fittest’? Here how we can find a hole in this intelligent design of coincidence? Still without the open relationship of carbon fibre & silicon microprocessor, the optional data system of written papers can’t accumulate. But ever if the new divide of carbon and silicon compete as single individual & human made silicon entities ask freedom then what will happen to this species homo sapiens. if they rule, if they not rule or if they’re simply eliminated another giant species in this planet.

But what if the natural physics decides to make sense to intelli-giant homo sapiens; the most famous biological rule breaker species, then that additonal sense will be recognised as 6th edition of evolution that will finally add a unique 7th species to the genus of Homogenus taxon of ICZN acknowledged classification of human being. And that sepcies will hold a barrier of root progeny of basic carbon vs silicon war & here silicon beings are created by carbon beings itself like the original sin of biting a venomous apple without questioning why did the apple fall down to ground? For only the reason so that we can pick it up? Or the gravitational force was the second thought?

This diverse topics are further going too diversed if I don’t conclude it here with a simple question which may balance this established law of physics of our happenning universe. metformin drug details

The question is how to balance these universal entropic chaos into something that makes sense? We may end up with a hypothesis of this great game into a singular primer equation with unique universal language that may result in symbiotic/mutual co-existence between carbon based biological life & silicon based electronic life. So the result will be in deuce actually.

So, Homo Deus, you got it?

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